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Hello! This is CBJ Today, the blog side of Cheek By Jowl Design. I’m very pleased to launch the new and fresh website! Beautifully designed and cleverly made by my husband, George Cockerill. I hope you’ll take some time and look around. I’d appreciate any feedback and would love to hear your thoughts.

Mother’s Day

I’ve been busy lately with mainly hand-painted, wall-mounted, unframed pieces for Mother’s Day and birthdays. I’ve introduced a few new colours from the Porter’s Paints range, with luscious names like Wild Strawberry and Sugarland. The consistency and quality of these paints makes them so wonderful to use, the colours give each silhouette character and individuality. I love seeing the little pieces coming together.

Sally painting in the studio

Painting Sophie with Wild Strawberry from Porter’s Paints.

Paint pots used for silhouettes with new colours.

Porter’s Paint pots. Cuban Turquoise, Wild Strawberry, Birthday Candle, Sugarland and Purple Rain. So cute!

5 children and paint colours.

From left to right – Isabelle in Cuban Turquoise, Alice in Birthday Candle, Thomas in Purple Rain, Sophie in Wild Strawberry, Audrey in Sugarland.


Seda and Matt had silhouettes done of their children, Errol and Luna for Mother’s Day after I’d initially done Errol’s portrait for his 4th Birthday. They got hand-painted ones, plus the black acrylic profiles and they had this to say:

We couldn’t be happier with the silhouettes that Cheek By Jowl Design created for us. It feels like these will be the best reminders of our precious little children and the best years of our lives. The craftsmanship is superb and now we’re just trying to work out who else would want one.  Love your work, Sally.

You can see Errol and Luna here on the Children’s Portraits page.

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