Babyology, Australia’s market leader online in great quality and well-designed products for parents has featured Cheek By Jowl Design! Anita Butterworth wrote a gorgeous editorial piece and had this to say – 

“Somehow these incredible portraits manage to combine a feeling of yesteryear through an air of Victorian silhouette portraiture, yet maintain a very modern edge. They’re created using images of your own children, and we think they’re amazing.”

I had a great response from Babyology readers. Check out the full article here >>Babyology

My dear friend Chrissie celebrated her 40th Birthday earlier this year with her customary style and humour. On one of the hottest days of the year, the beautiful South Yarra home she shares with partner Chris and their three beautiful kids Leo, Kit and Peg was the perfect setting for a wild soirée. The food, style, atmosphere and music were all extraordinary.

I recently had a chance to take photos of the silhouettes I made of the children as a gift to this fabulous woman.

Leo (top) is painted in Cuban Turquoise, Kit (centre) in Bittersweet yellow and Peg’s colour is Birthday Candle pink. They are custom framed in natural oak with a cream mount. Names and ages are hand written in pencil. Adorable family!



Below are some of the unpublished but lovely pics taken for the piece on Cheek By Jowl Design in The Weekly Review. The first one shows my lovely boys, Henry (4 and half years) and Tom (23 months) in front of our family silhouette. You can see hubby George reflected in the mirror on the stairs. My boys!

Photography by Scott McNaughton of The Weekly Review.



Cheek By Jowl were featured in the 9-15th July, 2014 edition of The Weekly Review. Not the best photo of me but it was lovely to be featured. A good excuse to clean up the studio!

Photography by Scott McNaughton of The Weekly Review.

New Zealand-based design maven and blogger Julia Atkinson liked CBJ’s silhouettes enough to feature them on her beautiful Junior’s Design Blog for design-savvy parents in Australia and New Zealand.

Cheek by Jowl Design offers simple and beautiful custom silhouettes profile portraits. From a photograph, designer Sally Esse can pack a person (or pets!) personality into a clean, laser-cut silhouette in classic black or a rainbow of colours from the Porters Paints palette. I love that these are so personal without being gimmicky.”

You can see the full post here >>JuniorsDesign


I’m thrilled to have CBJ featured on the Mama Geelong website today! Mama Geelong website is a fantastic local family activity and lifestyle guide from around the region. It’s run by a collective of mums sharing the things they find interesting and helpful in raising children in that very lovely part of the world.

The beautiful and accomplished Janet Boland runs Passionfolk, a marketing and communication agency and is the editor of Geelong Mama. She has twin boys and knows what it’s like to juggle the commitments of family and starting your own business. We met up again at our 20 year high school reunion at Sacred Heart College! She got in touch with me and asked to feature CBJ, which happily coincided with the launch of my new website.

Although strictly speaking I’m a Port Melbourne Mama now, I continue to have a connection to the area and love spending time there with my new family. Such a great community to be deemed worthy of inclusion!



Hello! This is CBJ Today, the blog side of Cheek By Jowl Design. I’m very pleased to launch the new and fresh website! Beautifully designed and cleverly made by my husband, George Cockerill. I hope you’ll take some time and look around. I’d appreciate any feedback and would love to hear your thoughts.

Mother’s Day

I’ve been busy lately with mainly hand-painted, wall-mounted, unframed pieces for Mother’s Day and birthdays. I’ve introduced a few new colours from the Porter’s Paints range, with luscious names like Wild Strawberry and Sugarland. The consistency and quality of these paints makes them so wonderful to use, the colours give each silhouette character and individuality. I love seeing the little pieces coming together.

Sally painting in the studio

Painting Sophie with Wild Strawberry from Porter’s Paints.

Paint pots used for silhouettes with new colours.

Porter’s Paint pots. Cuban Turquoise, Wild Strawberry, Birthday Candle, Sugarland and Purple Rain. So cute!

5 children and paint colours.

From left to right – Isabelle in Cuban Turquoise, Alice in Birthday Candle, Thomas in Purple Rain, Sophie in Wild Strawberry, Audrey in Sugarland.


Seda and Matt had silhouettes done of their children, Errol and Luna for Mother’s Day after I’d initially done Errol’s portrait for his 4th Birthday. They got hand-painted ones, plus the black acrylic profiles and they had this to say:

We couldn’t be happier with the silhouettes that Cheek By Jowl Design created for us. It feels like these will be the best reminders of our precious little children and the best years of our lives. The craftsmanship is superb and now we’re just trying to work out who else would want one.  Love your work, Sally.

You can see Errol and Luna here on the Children’s Portraits page.

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Come Back Soon!

In the meantime you can stay in touch with the Cheek by Jowl Facebook page.



I’m often asked about the best way to take a profile photo for silhouettes.

You really don’t need a fancy camera or to be an expert photographer. If you use the phone on your camera and follow these tips then you can’t go wrong.

  1. A plain white wall is best to create a strong, clearly defined profile. Top of the head and the shoulders need to be visible.
  2. Ask your subject to stand side on to you. The image needs to be precisely in profile.
  3. If the subject has long hair, take some pictures with the hair tied up in a ponytail or bun, plus some down too, showing the whole length of the hair.
  4. Mouth slightly parted always seems to work best.
  5. Selfies are fine, but make sure you get the angle of the pic perfectly side on.
  6. If taking a pic of a wriggly child or pet, get help showing them a toy or put them in from of the TV! This might take a few attempts…
  7. Take a few pictures of the subject.

Once I receive your photo, I’ll confirm that it’s suitable to create the portrait. If there are any issues, I’ll be in touch to give you help and advice.

Happy snapping!