Abulfazel’s silhouette in Flame Blue


Christmas To-Do list and Abulfazel’s silhouette in Flame Blue

Amongst the many Christmas orders I made and delivered in time for the festive season this year, I found time to make a special silhouette for a little boy called Abulfazel and his mother Fahima, who I met at a local playgroup. They are from from Iran, seeking refugee status and have been in detention centres since their arrival. Fahima, a gently spoken woman was then taken in by a local convent of sisters in Albert Park, she’s unable to work until her status has been decided. If she was deported back to Iran, she feared her violent ex-husband and his family.

Her little boy was the same age as my Tom, it brought home to me how lucky we are to have so much – freedom, possessions, choices. I hoped that the little keepsake of her son would be up in her new home here one day soon.

Silhouettes on the wall

Silhouettes in Bittersweet, Cuban Turquoise and Flame Blue.

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