CBJ on Mama Geelong!


I’m thrilled to have CBJ featured on the Mama Geelong website today! Mama Geelong website is a fantastic local family activity and lifestyle guide from around the region. It’s run by a collective of mums sharing the things they find interesting and helpful in raising children in that very lovely part of the world.

The beautiful and accomplished Janet Boland runs Passionfolk, a marketing and communication agency and is the editor of Geelong Mama. She has twin boys and knows what it’s like to juggle the commitments of family and starting your own business. We met up again at our 20 year high school reunion at Sacred Heart College! She got in touch with me and asked to feature CBJ, which happily coincided with the launch of my new website.

Although strictly speaking I’m a Port Melbourne Mama now, I continue to have a connection to the area and love spending time there with my new family. Such a great community to be deemed worthy of inclusion!



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