I’m always asked what colours looks like for the hand painted silhouettes. I only use Porter’s paints for their superior colours and quality. Below are the paint pots with the lids off – you can see the colour name on the white label. It’s not a perfect indication of the finished colour, Porter’s Paints tend to dry darker but it might help you when deciding your colours. You can see more colours on the silhouettes themselves here on my website >>

There is one paint pot shown below that is missing a label – it’s the most popular colour and I have bought a big tin and decanted it! It’s Cuban Turquoise.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

DSCF0638 DSCF0640 DSCF0642 DSCF0643 DSCF0645 DSCF0646 DSCF0647 DSCF0648 DSCF0649 DSCF0651 DSCF0652 DSCF0654 DSCF0656 DSCF0658 DSCF0659 DSCF0661 DSCF0662 DSCF0663

Kate Heppell, co-founder of boutique bedding outfit Kip & Co. and her partner Mal’s beautiful Point Lonsdale home was featured in The Design Files today. The sweet little gold acrylic silhouette I made earlier this year of their 3 year old boy, Ziggy can be seen hanging in their master bedroom. The textiles and colour of the bedroom are so warm and inviting.

CBJ_The Design Files - Kate Heppell CBJ_The Design Files - Kate Heppell_bedroom Ziggy in Gold

Kate sent me this when she’d received the piece –

We absolutely love it. The gold looks amazing. Thanks again. It is a really special keepsake xxxx

Sal & Jo run the excellent S&J Framing Workshop, where I have my framing for the silhouettes done by my lovely cousin Angela Mottram. I have started doing more of my own framing, when time permits! It is such a great atmosphere, run by sassy lassies who really know their onions. They offer courses in DIY framing which I did a few years ago. It was at the same time that I started making silhouettes and framing them myself, so they have really been there since the beginning of CBJ.

S & J Framing Workshop

431-433 High Street Prahran VIC 3181
(03) 9090 7679


Angela Mottram

Angela Mottram at S&J Framing Workshop

As well as fulfilling lots of orders for both Australia and abroad, this Christmas I made silhouettes for my family. My cousin Tony has three daughters, Charlotte, Ruby & Lily. I made their profiles and painted them in Sugarland yellow, Purple Rain and Wild Strawberry red – a mixture of favourite colours and inspiration from their names! They sat together and opened them at the same time – it was lovely to see their reactions.

Ruby, Charlotte and Lily

Twins Ruby & Lily painted in Wild Strawberry and Purple Rain. Charlotte painted in Sugarland yellow.

Charlotte, Lily & Ruby

The girls opening their Christmas gifts.


Christmas To-Do list and Abulfazel’s silhouette in Flame Blue

Amongst the many Christmas orders I made and delivered in time for the festive season this year, I found time to make a special silhouette for a little boy called Abulfazel and his mother Fahima, who I met at a local playgroup. They are from from Iran, seeking refugee status and have been in detention centres since their arrival. Fahima, a gently spoken woman was then taken in by a local convent of sisters in Albert Park, she’s unable to work until her status has been decided. If she was deported back to Iran, she feared her violent ex-husband and his family.

Her little boy was the same age as my Tom, it brought home to me how lucky we are to have so much – freedom, possessions, choices. I hoped that the little keepsake of her son would be up in her new home here one day soon.

Silhouettes on the wall

Silhouettes in Bittersweet, Cuban Turquoise and Flame Blue.

It was thrilling to be so busy this Christmas with orders. I was taking commissions right up to the last couple of days before Christmas and it was bonkers! I got great feedback from people who received their items, Kate sent me pictures of her new silhouette in Christmas in London with silhouettes of the whole family. Note to self – must make a cut-off date next time!

Wrapped and ready to post.

Silhouettes on their way for Christmas.

Assembling the silhouettes.

Assembling the silhouettes.

One of the silhouettes I made for as a gift to give at Christmas was of their new puppy Webber, a King Charles spaniel. My dear friend Kate had it made for her husband, David. She sent me a picture once she’d received it, proudly displaying it together with their wedding silhouette portrait I’d made for them a couple of years before. Puppy love!

Webber - puppy love!

Webber silhouette in 3mm laser cut black acrylic silhouette. Cream mount. Hand written name in pencil. Custom frame in oak.

Kate, David & Webber

Kate & David silhouettes, together with Webber the King Charles spaniel puppy silhouette.

When the lovely Chrissie Swan turned 40, I made silhouettes of her children, Leo, Kit and Peg. Here’s a post with the photos I took of them in her home – Chrissie Swan’s three beautiful children in silhouette. When the Herald Sun Home section featured her in November, the profiles were behind her on the cover. I was thrilled to have the silhouettes mentioned as one of her favourite things!

Chrissie Swan Cover

Chrissie Swan in the Herald Sun Home section, October 2014

Chrissie Swan Home feature

Chrissie Swan in the Herald Sun Home section, October 2014

I was very lucky this month to be featured as “Mama of the Month” in Mama Mag, the first edition of the Port Phillip local magazine for parents and families.

Mama Mag Cover.

The first edition of the Port Phillip Mama Mag.


Mama Mag

Cheek By Jowl Design mama of the month.